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Training Registration
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Here are a few tips to help expedite the start of your first class, private or group:

  • Please have a copy of up to date vaccines;
  • Bring treats and any collars you want to use for training;
  • Please have your dog on a six foot long training leash, no "flexi-leads".

Puppy private consult, evaluation, and training plan for pups under six months. $40.00.

Dogs over six months - private consult, evaluation, and training plan for dogs over six months, with no aggression. $100.00. 

Dogs over six months with fear and/or aggression issues. Private consult, evaluation, and training plan. $175.00.

Puppy group socialization. $100.00.

Four sessions. 

Dogs over six months - Behavior / problem solving group class with no aggression. $125.00. 

Four sessions. 

We look forward to building your relationship with you and your best friend.

Tail wags ~

Miss Bella
Training based on trust, respect and communication.
All breeds, mixed breeds happily welcomed at our facility.

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