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Here's what our clients are saying...

Archie & Sugar's humans have this to say ~
"Sage Dawg Services is our kennel of choice for our very particular and very large dogs.
Archie and Sugar enjoy all the comforts of home when they are in the kennel, including the opportunity to lay out in the sun and do some deep thinking.  We highly recommend Wendy and her team, the dogs always come home mellow and in a good mood.  We know we don't have to worry when they are at Sage. We have a lot of experience with them, we are using the kennel every other month." --- Marty MacDonald

And from Sophie and Gina's mom ~

"No dog likes to leave its owner – except when they are going to Sage Dawg! 

All I have to say is, “we’re going to see Wendy!” and they run to the door!  Dogs don’t lie.  They are far more intuitive and honest than people, and they run, off leash, into the play room looking for her.

This is all I need to know to assure me that when they are kenneled, they are safe and cared for, but more importantly, they are loved.  Wendy is an extraordinary, generous person who clearly loves animals. For someone like me that love my dogs, but travels quite a bit, Sage Dawg is a treasure that offers quality, personal service; clean facilities with lots of open space; and an incredible peace of mind that my dogs are getting “hugs” while I’m gone".  -- Valerie Steiger, Sophie and Gina’s Mom

The humans that belong to "The Mayor" of Sage Dawg's Daycare tell us ~

"Our basset hound, Theo, has been going to Sage Dawg for daycare for almost 8 years. 

We first learned of daycare after we signed him up for an obedience class there. Wendy mentioned that she also did daycare. At the time, we chuckled because we had never heard of daycare and we thought only the “rich” did something like that. 

After a couple weeks of crating, Theo while we were at work and driving home during lunch to take him out we decided to give it a try. Also, when we got home in the evening, Theo was ready to play and full of energy while we were looking to unwind.  We originally signed him up for 2 days per week but that only lasted one week.  Theo absolutely loves going to daycare every day. 

He is well socialized with all types of dogs.  He is gentle with smaller dogs and puppies and he knows how to hold his own with the larger dogs.  When we drop him off each morning, we never have to worry about him or his safety.  Wendy knows all her dogs very well and keeps dogs that may have behavior issues separate from others. 

On nice days, he plays outside in the large fenced play area and on rainy days, he plays inside in the big play room.  We believe that the exercise that he gets all day, every day, helps to keep the weight off of him that tends to make many bassets heavy. 

Theo’s tail starts wagging first thing in the morning in the car on the way to daycare and it’s still wagging when we pick him up.  Best of all, at the end of the day Theo is tired from playing so hard all day that he eats, goes for a walk and falls asleep. 

We highly recommend Sage Dawg for daycare, obedience classes and boarding.  Theo takes a vacation with his friends while we are on vacation.  We go away knowing that he is well cared for as if he were home". --- Heidi and Michael Blanchard

Training based on trust, respect and communication.
All breeds, mixed breeds happily welcomed at our facility.

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