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Tank, deaf American Bulldog/PitBull 01/05

Rehabilitation & Socialization

Owners of dogs with issues, please know that most dogs may be managed with positive results and live long happy lives, incident free.
"Rescues and Shelters, when you choose Sage Dawg Services for your shelter dog, you improve adoption chances for that dog".  

We provide environmental and behavioral enrichment through structure, training and play using positive reinforcement. 

Mocha working out excess energy. 05/03
Tasha & Tony socializing. 01/06

We develop a behavior modification plan to ensure success when the dog leaves our facility, and we work with the shelter, foster home and/or the new family to insure a smooth transition for the dog.

Our Rehabilitation & Socialization program was tailored for shelter dogs and is based on building trust and social skills.

Because our kennel is small, we don't get the noise that larger kennels must deal with. Many dogs that are fearful or nervous in large shelters blossom here in our quiet environment. 

Call or email for more information. We look forward to working with you.  

Carmella & Paul socializing.

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Training based on trust, respect and  communication.
All breeds, mixed breeds happily welcomed at our facility.
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