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What makes us different?

Kennel runs are not across from each other, creating a more calm and peaceful environment especially during meal times. We never have more than fourteen dogs staying with us at one time. This environment is perfect for shy, or geriatric dogs, and puppies.

Our state of the art kennel floor is a "duraflex" seamless, non-porous floor, the wall to wall surface extends up the walls so there is no chance that liquids will seep from one kennel to the next.

Our Mason Kennel panels that separate the dogs,  resist scratching, staining, odor, and moisture. The USDA Certified antimicrobial surface is easy to clean and sanitize. Aluminum framework is strong and rust-proof.

All our kennel runs have "Kuranda" cot style beds to keep dogs off the floor. The floor is gently sloped to a covered drain so that should one of our guests have an "accident" it will flow toward the drain so they are not forced to be near it all night.

Playtime is available for all boarding dogs if they are dog friendly, if not, private play is an option.

Quaint and comfortable, play time daily in secure yards.

Our accommodations house one to two medium to large dogs, (or a bunch of small ones:)

Each room has either a Kuranda cot style bed, or a Perla bed, which is an excellent quality molded plastic bed from Italy. The Perla bed has high molded sides that provide a feeling of security. They have rounded edges so your dog can rest his head comfortably. The "couch potato" dog typically finds this bed their favorite.

Soft bedding and water 24/7 are standard as well. Access to the outside is available all day, weather permitting.

Whether your dog is boarding or training we provide environmental and behavioral enrichment through structure, training and play using positive reinforcement. 


 "Sage Dawg Services, your dog's home away from home".

Making a reservation online is fast and easy. However, please don't assume Miss Bella has received your information unless you have received confirmation. If after 48 hours you have not received a confirmation, please phone 413.245.0302. 


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Training based on trust, respect and  communication.
All breeds, mixed breeds happily welcomed at our facility.
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