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 Brain Games - Let your dog use his instincts to exercise himself.
When I am busy or the weather is bad I feel guilty that I don't have time for my dogs. I bet the same thing happens to you. We show you games and toys that will engage your dog in simple, fun and varying manners indoors or out. 
All dogs need to use their brain to keep healthy. Some dogs need more brain activity than others. If dogs are not provided with an outlet for its energy in the form of different types of activity or other stimulation, they can sometimes find their own “activity” which we as dog-owners often do not appreciate, like for instance chewing things to pieces, becoming aggressive or just generally over-active.
Our "Brain Games" private session teaches you how to engage your dog and build a bond through the learning process using everyday obedience. Brain exercises are suitable for all dogs old and young, big and small. The activity time that fits most dogs is approximately15 min/time, shorter for puppies. Call to set up an appointment now: 413.575.4678 

Training based on trust, respect and communication.
All breeds, mixed breeds happily welcomed at our facility.

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